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49 Swimming Pools
49 Swimming Pools


49 Swimming Pools

This is more than a band : this is a family. Fabien Tessier, Etienne Dutin and Emmanuel Tellier have known each other since they were students in their home-town of Tours (in the Loire Valley, France). Samuel Léger, the youngest in the band, was a wonderful incoming to the family just as the album « The Violent Life and Death of Tim Lester Zimbo » was coming to life (in 2011). The original trio wanted a bigger sound, and more singing power, and with Sam, that’s exactly what they got - and a new family member too. Between them 4, it clicked right away.

Fabien Tessier is the drummer, and the producer in the studio, but he can also play keyboard parts sometimes (and he played a lot of stuff on the 2 first records, including bass before Sam joined in). Emmanuel Tellier plays the pianos, and some organ and Rhodes parts. He’s also the main singer in 49 SwP. Samuel Léger plays the bass, and a few acoustic guitar parts here and there. Etienne Dutin is the landlord of the house of guitars - a beautiful place filled with vintage instruments. He also adds back vocals to the 49 SwP big sound, and so do Sam and Fabien. In the studio, any one can try anything on any instrument at any time.

Emmanuel and Etienne were members of previous bands together, Chelsea, and then Melville - which makes them partners in crime for something like 20 years now. They share the same passion for David Bowie, The Smiths and Lou Reed –possibly the 3 founding fathers of the 49 SwP sound - together with newer acts as The Villagers, The Dodos, Patrick Watson or Conan Mockasin. The four men have the same capacity to be surrounded by music and records (old and new), and at the same time, be able to cut the band away from those influences when it’s time to give birth to one of their own songs.

Etienne and Fabien own the label that releases the records, ELAP (with distribution deals with DifferAnt and Idol). Fabien owns and runs the recording studio. The record sleeves and posters (as well at this website you’re visiting) are all designed by the 5th member of the the family, Pascal Blua. Though he’s not actuallyon stage, Pascal is a full-time « Zimbo » guy (since the release of the last album, all the band members refer to themselves as Zimbos).


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