49 Swimming Pools



49 SWIMMING POOLS IS ALL ABOUT FRIENDSHIP. This is more than a band : this is a family. Fabien, Etienne and Emmanuel have known each other since they were students in their home-town of Tours (in the Loire Valley, France). Samuel, the youngest in the band, was a wonderful incoming to the family just as the album « The Violent Life and Death of Tim Lester Zimbo » was coming to life (in 2011). The original trio wanted a bigger sound, and more singing power, and with Sam, that’s exactly what they got - and a new family member too. Between them 4, it clicked right away.
Everything in the band is decided together – and by them only,  independance being a «marque de fabrique». In Sam’s kitchen, which often becomes the band headquarters, there can be long talks about the songs and where to take them in the studio, and how to ensure that 49 Swimming Pools remains as free and original - in terms of sound and philosophy - as possible. For the four men in 49SwP, being really close friends is a big part of the story. 
(picture by Julien Bourgeois, 2013)

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