49 Swimming Pools



49 SWIMMING POOLS IS ALL ABOUT MUSIC, AND PASSION FOR MUSIC. Fabien Tessier spends his days and nights in his own recording studio. Over the last 20 years, he has been the sound engineer to hundreds of sessions for many many bands, and within 49SwP, he has found the opportunity to deliver his best production work as well as ambitious drumming and highly musical arrangements.

Emmanuel Tellier writes most of the music (on the piano) and lyrics for 49 SwP, but his one big pleasure in life is to see how his 3 friends reply to the musical sketches he brings in... Etienne Dutin, who plays the guitars (electric and acoustic), was a member of Chelsea and Melville with Emmanuel, which has made them partners in crime for something like 20 years now. They share the same passion for David Bowie, The Smiths and Lou Reed –possibly the 3 founding fathers of the 49 SwP's sound - together with newer acts as The Villagers, The Dodos, Patrick Watson, Broken Social Scene or Conan Mockasin... Samuel Leger was in different projects before he joined in, but this is his first go at recording and touring on a more professional basis... The four men have the same capacity to be surrounded by music and records (old and new), and at the same time, be able to cut the band away from those influences when it’s time to give birth to one of their songs.

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