49 Swimming Pools

Connecting people


ANOTHER THING YOU NEED TO KNOW : WE HAVE GREAT FRIENDS. Like these five ladies at the table. They're all very much into 49 Swimming Pools, and we thank them for that. As they love to know everything about the four gentlemen in the band, they connect daily to our FACEBOOK page. They also follow 49SwP on TWITTER, and on FLICKR. Sometimes, they even send a SOUNDCLOUD link to their own friends. And when they have parties at the office, they always rely on the band's BANDCAMP page for music and 49 SwP's YOUTUBE page for videos. Be trendy, be happy : follow the girls and do the same.

The band is also connected to these four artists you really should follow : Pascal Blua is the mastermind behind MOUSEDESIGN ; Elian Chrebor is a great photographer and you can see his work HERE ; Julien Bourgeois is another gifted photographer and you will find him HERE ; and we also love Stéphane Constant's beautiful work with DEZZIG

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